Presentation Parish School


Faith, Academics, Service

Spiritual Formation

Presentation Parish School is committed to the Spiritual Formation of the student.  As stated in our Mission, "to educate students to become well-rounded young adults whose responses to life are based on Catholic truth and values."

Regular attendance at Mass is required and Sacraments are available.


Baptism: If a parent/guardian wishes to have their child baptized, they must contact our Parish at (209) 472-2150.

First Reconciliation:  The preparation for the reception of First Reconciliation is part of the 2nd grade curriculum.

First Communion: Students who are baptized in 2nd grade prepare for and receive First Communion as part of their curriculum.

Confirmation: Preparation for confirmation begins in 6th grade and concludes in 8th grade as part of their Religion curriculum.

School Mass and Prayer Opportunities:  School wide services are held monthly and are open for family members to attend.  Classroom prayers are said throughout the day, along with our Friday mornings all school Prayer and Flag salute led by Student Council.